Try Taiko!

We offer a variety of introductory workshops for between 6-20 participants at a time.The content includes lots of drumming, with warm up exercises, an introduction to basic techniques, simple musical exercises and the opportunity to learn traditional or modern Taiko “songs”. These courses can be adapted to suit different groups and venues. For example:

  • Try Taiko! – 2 hour Introductory Workshop.
  • One Day Structured Workshop – the chance to learn a longer piece with one group or to run several short groups throughout the day.
  • A Short Course – running over a few weeks to develop technique, learn more repertoire and work towards group aims, eg stress relief or boosting self-esteem.
  • Longer Courses and Performance Projects to suit the needs of your organisation or event.

HM Dec 16


Please contact us directly to discuss your ideas.

Thanks for a great weekend of workshops. You demonstrated great teamwork with the way in which you each played a role in the teaching, and also in the way that you each supported each others teaching, giving space but coming in with advice when needed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and took great delight in our performance. It was really enjoyable and you all created an ideal atmosphere for a workshop, relaxed but focused. Fantastic…..Hope to drum along with you again soon.”
Carol Woodford, Workshop Participant at Unity Festival

“Ursula Frank of Taiko Wales has been giving drumming workshops at Trebinshun House on an occasional basis over the last year. Every weekday evening we offer a different activity, and the Taiko sessions are always enjoyed and appreciated by our guests – all senior business people and other professionals. In the nicest possible way, with patience and humour, Ursula takes people out of their comfort zone and into new territory. The collaborative discipline of Taiko brings energy and focus to any group. and with new challenges come new perspectives . Become a drummer for an afternoon, or even just an hour and you may discover a hidden talent . If not, you will certainly have fun trying.”
Sophie Yarde-Buller, Manager, Trebinshun House, Brecon


Residential and non-residential weekends
Whether you are a complete beginner or have been playing for years, our annual residential weekend offered something for everyone. After a gap due to the pandemic, we are now thinking about ways to restart. In previous years the course has taken place at the National Trust’s Stackpole Centre near the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, Clyro Court near Hay-on Wye and in local community centres near Abergavenny. A mix of energetic drumming, time to relax and a chance to meet other players from around the UK makes these weekends very special. 

Stackpole 2012



Taiko Drumming is a wonderfully effective teambuilding activity. Our main teacher, James Barrow, has worked as guest workshop facilitator for Rhythmworks on regular occasions over the last 10 years, helping to deliver teambuilding sessions to staff from leading companies including Npower, Goldman Sacks, Epson and Microsoft. The results speak for themselves – see the testimonials at the end of the Rhythmworks video.

In addition, as a leader of Taiko West, James has worked in conjunction with numerous training organisations including Kirckaldy Consultants, First Step Management, PSI and Excel Communications with their staff training projects involving teams from County Councils in Wales, Metropolitan Borough Councils in the North of England, the lead technical design team of British Telecom and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Most recently he has led Taiko teambuilding sessions with smaller staff teams from Telford and Wrekin Council, and at the annual conference of the Telford and Wrekin Headteachers Forum.

Taiko drumming with James Barrow has become one of the most memorable parts of an excellent leadership programme. There is a joy…a letting go of organisational roles and boundaries…that creates a unique kind of team experience. People listen carefully, they take risks and make mistakes, they laugh and play and collaborate. Then they make connections. James is a gifted facilitator. He never lets his obvious skill and virtuosity get in the way of the groups’ learning. There is an enduring feeling of achievement.” 
Tim Kemp, First Step Management





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